Thursday, 23 June 2011

To the market we shall go...

It is quite scary this market business! I have a HUGE respect for those that do it regularly and also be a mum/wife and in some cases also work a full time job, its just amazing what we can do when we want it bad enough.
I'm attending my VERY first market as a vendor on the 9th July, The Market has been started by the Southland WAHM's group to help get our wonderful business out into the public eye.
I am kinda starting to freak out a bit now thou, with so many fears, doubts and questions running through my head, how much stock do I take, what if no one buys anything, what if no one comes! All valid fears at 3am to me.
I am excited about going and will be so excited on the day, just at the moment my nerves are winning.

I have done up some new Miss Milly Moo products for the market,  Which my daughter aka tester loves so am hopeful all the other little princesses out there will love them just as much. 

I am in love with these necklaces, so beautiful and safe for little ones. The reversible headbands are so functional and who doesn't like two for the price of one.
There's just something about handmade that I adore, its the love that has gone into the product and the blood, sweat and tears in some cases. 

till next time...


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  1. Best of luck, markets are so cool,you will have a blast. cheers Marie