Monday, 18 July 2011

Miss Milly Moo: A little slice of homemade....

Miss Milly Moo: A little slice of homemade....

A little slice of homemade....

I have been asked "why arent you doing clothes anymore!" since making my announcement yesterday, as I explained yesterday, I no longer enjoyed making them - it wasnt my passion or even something that kept my creative spark alive, so Im backing away from it, while I'll still sew for my wee lass I wont be  for my page.

Another thing that "The Market"  and being a part of its organizing opened my eyes to, was the fact that down here in the deep south, there are so many great businesses that already make little ladies clothes and even more in New Zealand itself. So I decided to step down so to speak and do what really makes me happy, and if its a success FANTASTIC, but I am loving the fact I now enjoy sitting in front of my new machine! (fingers crossed soon it will also be in my brand new sewing room!) 
I am so excited about my direction! - can you tell :)

So this post is to share with you some other fabulous pages that sell all things girly!

5 Little Monkeys Clothing - Invercargill

3 Little Rascals - Invercargill

Popular Childrens Wear - Invercargill

Cutey Pie Creation - Dunedin

The Ragdoll Princess - Tutu heaven!

Yumminess Textiles - Australia, but so worth it!

These pages of course are just the tip of a very large iceburg of talented people that create beautiful, high quality items for your little princess
So as you can see I was in amongst it with some awesome pages, I do hope you will check them out and hopefully become a future customer

Till next time...


Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Direction , New beginnings

As you would have read on my facebook page, Miss Milly Moo has under gone a change in direction,

Over the last couple of months, I had felt as if something was missing and I had lost that fire and passion I had for everything Miss Milly Moo. I liked what I was doing but didn't LOVE it, and loving it was why I started this journey in the first place.

While I had enjoyed making and selling all the products I have had available, I was losing well pretty much lost the drive to make most of them, the only products that still inspire me to create are my hair accessories, they still give me a real buzz of accomplishment, it was at the market I attended last weekend that really opened my eyes that I no longer enjoyed making or wanted to make clothes for order, so with this new revelation I have spent the past week having a good hard look not only at Miss Milly Moo, but myself.
During this I had what I like to call my "a-ha" moment (to quote Oprah)

I have a small addiction...heheheh... I LOVE HANDBAGS! and why am I not making something that I love and would use myself.

                                                                          *example of what I love not whats available

I also love shoes...but yeah thats a whole other kettle of fish, and a tad harder I think :) - Thou I have an idea they may just fill this gap a smidge...

So as of now Miss Milly Moo is no longer selling tutus or tutu dresses, Or Millys Closet Range - There are so many talented businesses out there that already do both of these and they have the drive and the passion to provide it.I am still planning to do my Little Prince range but will admit this is a couple of months down the track as it is kinda sitting on the back burner...but I promise it is still simmering away

Miss Milly Moo will now be the place to visit for Handbags, Clutches and hair accessories.
My handbags and Clutches will be sold by collection, and will be previewed on our page but only available for purchase through our Felt Store

I am so EXCITED about this new direction, I know this is probably a shock to most, but I do hope that you will all join and support me in this new chapter