Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Life...funny how it all works out

2011 I am trying to start an at home business, that I am surprising passionate about...

Thou I have to admit this spur of the moment idea has really lead me down a path of lessons....I never thought that it would hit off as well or as fast as it has!
I thought I would get time to get used to it, the stresses and pressures, hehehehe well life had different ideas.
Time management, while is fantastic in theory...with a 18mth old and two school aged kids...not so easy to put into practice, before I started Miss Milly Moo I thought I had lots of "free" time, and felt as thou I didnt do anything, but now that that "free" time is so very needed and precious I have come to realize I do alot in a week! between coffee group, netball (me), the boys sports, Zumba (Im so ADDICTED) Family and All the attention Miss Milly commands I really dont have as much as I thought, so have been sitting up to the wee hours to get things done! Not so good or healthy for the body or mind.

So after hunting through some of my favourite businesses and seeing how these successful WAHM's do things, I have come up with a new way to work things that will not only be easier for my body but easier on time and my stress levels, all will be revealed this weekend. I think this will help me get thru the next little while and I can always adjust it as Amelia gets older.

Hope everyone is enjoying the school holidays and HAVE A GREAT EASTER!!
MMMmmmm Chocolate, this is my favourite holiday!!


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